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Friday, August 1, 2008

Words 1st August

Acuity - sharpness(mental or visual)
Rajendra saved many lives because of his acuity

Braggart - someone who boasts
Ramesh is nothing but a braggart

Debunking - exposing false claims or myths
It's really difficult to debunk as there is a lot of opposition from people

Epitomized - typified; characterized; personified
Sehwag has epitomized Tendulkar

Hidebound - rigid in opinions
Our HOD is hidebound, hence it's no use convincing him

Languish - decay; fade away; get weaker
After a month when I returned back home many beautiful plants had languished due to lack of care

Obsequious - servile; submissive
Sometimes the situation demands us to be obsequious

Polemical - causing debate or argument
Political remarks shouldn't be polemical

Restorative - a tonic
Amit is taking restorative to gain health

Thwart - prevent; frustrate
There is a need to develop a system to thwart repeated power failures

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