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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Words on 31st july...

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Deepak has been diagnosed with acrophobia

Bourgeois – middle class

Bourgeois is growing at a decent pace all over the world

Debility – weakness; incapacity

Rudra still doesn’t accept his debility

Epistolary – concerned with letters; through correspondence

Though Dhirubhai didn’t talked to his parents over phone but he maintained a decent communication through epistolary

Hiatus – interruption; pause

The lecturer got irritated whenever there was a hiatus

Languid – tired; slow

Sameer was too languid that he slept on the sofa

Obscured – hidden; covered; buried

Lalita was surprised to find an obscured treasure in her kitchen garden.

Poised – calm; collected; self-possessed

Taurians are generally poised and placid by nature

Resplendent – shining; glowing

Her resplendent face conveyed how happy she was to get the job

Therapeutic – medicinal; curative

The tulsi herb has many therapeutic values

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