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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Words Aug 30th

Ambivalence - lack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
There was ambivalence regarding who will get recruited in the dream company

Cantankerous - bad tempered; quarrelsome
The violence oriented video games are making the young generation cantankerous

Derogatory - uncomplimentary
The Indian team received a derogatory reception after it failed to qualify for the semi-finals

Exemplify - to serve as a good example
The Ajanta-Ellora caves exemplify the artistic excellence of our predecessors

Impecunious - having no money
When on a tour a credit card saves us from an impecunious situation

Lucid - clear
Dinesh intentions became lucid when he denied to work

Omate - highly decorated
The Bindra's house was omate on the home coming of the national hero Abhinav Bindra

Precipice - steep slope
The car was doing fine until it encountered a precipice

Salubrious - health-giving
A decent market awaits salubrious fast-food

Truant - shirker; someone absent without permission
India's growth rate would double but for truant employees in the govt. sector

Friday, August 29, 2008

Words Aug 20-28

Ambiguous - unclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways

Candor - frankness; openness

Deride - ridicule;make fun of; mock

Exemplary - Outstandingly good; setting a fine example

Impartial - unbiased; neutral

Loquacious - talkative

Ordain - 1. destine; 2. confer holy orders on a priest

Precinct - district of a city

Sallow - yellowish

Trivial - unimportant

Ambiguity - uncertainty; vagueness

Candid - frank; honest

Deprecate - criticize; denounce

Exegesis - scholarly explanation or interpretation

Immutable - unchanging; permanent

Longevity - long life

Opulent - wealthy;rich;magnificent

Precept - guiding principle

Salacious - lecherous; erotic

Trite - unoriginal;dull

Amass - accumulate

Callow - immature

Depravity - moral corruption

Execrable - very, very bad

Immoderate - excessive; extreme

Lofty - snooty; arrogant; haughty

Opaque - does not let light through

Precedent - a previous occurrence used as a guide

Sage - a wise person

Trinket - something of little value; knick-knack

Altruism - putting others first; being self-sacrificing

Caldron - huge cooking pot

Deplore - regret

Exulpate - free someone from blame; pardon; acquit

Illusory - deceptive; false; misleading

Lobbyist - person who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause

Onus - burden

Precarious - unstable; risky

Sagacious - wise

Trepidation - fear

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Words 16th Aug - 19 Aug

Allay - to lessen
Keeping a servant allayed most of my mothers load

Byline - the line that tells you who wrote an article
It was the byline that gave away his identity

Demur - hesitate; refuse
We should never demur to seek an opportunity

Exacerbate - make worse
Heavy rains have only exacerbated the road conditions

Ignominious - shameful
Bilking is an ignominious thing to do

Liniment - soothing lotion
It was not until he applied a liniment did his toes stop itching

Omnipotent - all-powerful
Its not always that an omnipotent will win the election

Pragmatic - practical
The problem had many solutions but only Rajesh's solution was pragmatic

Ruse - trick; stratagem
The joker won many hearts by his clever ruses

Transgress - go astray; disobey; commit a sin
Many times when children are given freedom to take their own decisions they tend to transgress

Alleviate - make less severe
Its time to alleviate the effects of green house gases

Cacophony - make loud noises
The campers were terrified hearing cacophony

Denounce - condemn; speak out against
People always denounce the leader but never do a thing to improve the situation

Exasperated - frustrated; annoyed
The Indian team which was exasperated after the loss in the first test wore a completely different body language in the second test

Ignominy - shame

Lithe - flexible; supple
It was his lithe that helped him get through the interview

Omniscient - all-knowing
To become an omniscient one needs to do a lot of hard-work

Pragmatist - practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
In true sense Manmohan Singh is a pragmatist

Aloof - distant; detached; cold
It's difficult to stay aloof from relatives with advent of internet

Cajole - coax
The sales man sold around five of his products just by cajoling

Deplete - use up; lessen
The environment is depleting with every passing year

Exceptionable - very bad (something which we should object to )
The new laws that have been made by the department are exceptionable

Illuminate - to light up or make clear
The house was illuminated by scores of different lights

Livid - very angry
Suresh was quiet livid with Ramesh since he has returned from trip

Onerous - burdensome; hard to undertake
Kapil has completed the onerous job well in time

Preamble - introductory material
The preamble contained the gist of the book

Sacrosanct - very holy; inviolable
The idol he bought from Haridwar is sacrosanct for him.

Traverse - to move across
It became really hard to traverse a single step after traversing miles on foot

Friday, August 15, 2008

Words 15th August

Alibi - an excuse that shows someone as not at a crime scene

Buttress - strengthen; support

Delineation - demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining

Evacuate - vacate; empty; abandon

Idiosyncrasy - a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual

Libertarian - someone who opposes tyranny

Ominous - threatening

Potent - powerful; compelling; strong

Ruminate - think over something; ponder

Transcribe - copy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Words 11th August

Alacrity - Eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
The new batch of students had a certain amount of alacrity.

Burgeon - grow; flourish; put forth new shoots
If due care is not taken of the kitchen garden weeds start burgeoning rapidly

Deleterious - harmful
It's certainly deleterious for us to be in a company of a person who is smoking

Euphemism - a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Dinesh was quick with euphemism as soon as he realized that his statement had not been received in right spirit

Hypocritical - insincere
Low grades are a result of being hypocritical in lectures

Lethargic - tired; without energy
Long span of summer vacations has made Vinod lethargic

Ogle - stare at; observe in an obvious manner
The students were asked to ogle the building carefully

Postulate - hypothesize; propose
There are many postulates in science

Robust - strong; healthy; tough
The structure to be developed had to be robust as it had to tolerate a load of more than 20,000 vehicles at a time

Tractable - obedient; dutiful; polite
Sundar is tractable boy

No Posts For 9,10 august ...

There are no posts for 9th and 10th august as Saturday and Sunday are revision days and subscribers receive old words.

Friday, August 8, 2008

words 8th august

Affable - friendly; social; easygoing

Bureaucracy - officialdom

Degradation - deprivation; poverty; debasement

Eulogy - praise

Hypochondriac - a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illness

Legion - in large numbers

Officious - domineering; intrusive; meddlesome

Posthumous - after death

Rigor - thoroughness

Totter - walk unsteadily

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words 6th August

Advocate - support
Rita failed to advocate her ideas with proper statistics

Brusque - blunt; abrupt
Sameer's brusque remark annoyed Richa

Defoliate - cause leaves to fall off
Termite attack defoliated the Mango tree

Espouse - promote; take up; support
We need to espouse the campaign against the deadly AIDS

Hone - sharpen; increase; whet
Trisha honed her skills in C over the weekend to top the monthly exam

Lax - careless; not strict
Some rules were laxed citing low attendance in the NSS camps

Obviate - avoid; make unnecessary
We shouldn't obviate our family traditions under peer pressure

Poseur - someone who puts on an act
Ramesh is a good poseur

Riddled - full of (usually full of holes)
Its really difficult to drive on riddled Indian roads.

Torpid - inactive; lazy ; stagnant
Torpid members will be disqualified

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Words 4th August

Adulation - Strong admiration; worship

Bristle - to show irritation

Decoy - lure; trap; trick

Erratic - wandering; irregular

Histrionic - theatrical; exaggerated

Laud - praise

Obstreperous - noisy and boisterous

Portend - foretell

Retraction - withdrawal; cancellation of a statement

Titter - giggle quietly

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Words 3rd August

Adroit - skillful

Brevity - being brief

Decorum - dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]

Err - make a mistake

Largess - generosity

Obsolete - no longer valid

Pontificate - speak pompously or dogmatically

Reticent - restrained; holding something back;uncommunicative

Tirade - stream of verbal abuse

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Revision - The whole list till now

  1. Abhor - hate
  2. Bigot - narrow - minded; prejudiced person
  3. Counterfeit - fake; false
  4. Enfranchise - giving voting rights
  5. Hamper - obstruct; hinder
  6. Kindle - to start a fire
  7. Noxious - harmful; poisonous; lethal
  8. Placid - calm; peaceful
  9. Remuneration - payment for work done
  10. Talisman - lucky charm
  11. Abrasive - rough; coarse; harsh
  12. Bilk - cheat; defraud
  13. Covert - hidden; undercover
  14. Engender - cause
  15. Hangar- storage area (like garage) for a plane
  16. Knotty - complex; difficult to solve
  17. Nuance - something subtle; a fine shade of meaning
  18. Plagiarism - taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
  19. Renown - fame
  20. Tangent - going off the main subject
  21. Abasement - humiliation; degradation
  22. Billowing - swelling; fluttering; waving
  23. Cower - recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
  24. Enhance - improve;make better or clear
  25. Harangue - a noisy attacking speech
  26. Labyrinth - a maze
  27. Nullify - to counter; make unimportant
  28. Plaintiff - petitioner ( in court of law )
  29. Replete - full
  30. Tangible - can be touched
  31. Abrogate - cancel; deny; repeal
  32. Blasphemy - speech which offends religious sentiments
  33. Credible - believable
  34. Enigma - mystery
  35. Harbingers - bringers of warnings; indicators
  36. Labyrinthine - complicated; highly convoluted
  37. Nuzzle - cuddle; snuggle
  38. Plaudit - statement giving strong praise
  39. Reprehensible - shameful; very bad
  40. Tardy - slow; late; overdue; delayed
  41. absolution - forgiveness; pardon; release
  42. Blatant - obvious
  43. Creditable - praiseworthy
  44. Ensconce - establish firmly in a position
  45. Laceration - a cut
  46. Obdurate - stubborn
  47. Plausible - can be believed; reasonable
  48. Reprieve - a respite; postponement of a sentence
  49. Tawdry - of little value
  50. Abstain - desist; go without; withdraw
  51. Blighted - damaged; destroyed; ruined
  52. Credulous - gullible; ready to believe anything
  53. Enshroud - cover
  54. Haughtiness - arrogance; pride
  55. Lachrymose - tearful; sad
  56. Obfuscate - deliberately make something difficult to understand
  57. Plethora - an excess
  58. Repudiate - shun; eschew
  59. Tedium - boredom
  60. Abstemious - self denying; refraining from indulging
  61. Blithe - free-spirited; carefree
  62. Crepuscular - active at dawn and dusk
  63. Enunciation - clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
  64. Headstrong - stubborn; willful
  65. Lackluster - dull; monotonous; bland
  66. Objective - unbiased; not subjective
  67. Pliable - flexible; not stubborn
  68. Rescind - retract; repeal
  69. Temper - to moderate; soften
  70. Abstruse - difficult to understand; obscure

words 2nd august

Adamant - forceful; inflexible
The officer was adamant to penalize the guilty

Brawny - muscular
The stints at the gym resulted in a brawny body for him

Decathlon - an athletic competition with ten events
My friend won 6 Gold medals at the decathlon

Equivocate - speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Advocates master to equivocate to save their guilty plaintiff

Hieroglyphics - 1. picture writing; 2. writing which is difficult to read or enigmatic
Rajesh fails because of hieroglyphics

- theft; robbery; stealing
Chander has many larceny reports registered against him

Obsession - a dominating concern
Deepak has developed obsession with his new car

Ponderous - weighty;slow and heavy
Bulldozer is a ponderous vehicle

Retention - preservation; withholding
Raju has a very powerful retention

Timorous - cowardly; fearful
Timorous people can never enjoy their lives to the fullest

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Words 1st August

Acuity - sharpness(mental or visual)
Rajendra saved many lives because of his acuity

Braggart - someone who boasts
Ramesh is nothing but a braggart

Debunking - exposing false claims or myths
It's really difficult to debunk as there is a lot of opposition from people

Epitomized - typified; characterized; personified
Sehwag has epitomized Tendulkar

Hidebound - rigid in opinions
Our HOD is hidebound, hence it's no use convincing him

Languish - decay; fade away; get weaker
After a month when I returned back home many beautiful plants had languished due to lack of care

Obsequious - servile; submissive
Sometimes the situation demands us to be obsequious

Polemical - causing debate or argument
Political remarks shouldn't be polemical

Restorative - a tonic
Amit is taking restorative to gain health

Thwart - prevent; frustrate
There is a need to develop a system to thwart repeated power failures