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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Words 16th Aug - 19 Aug

Allay - to lessen
Keeping a servant allayed most of my mothers load

Byline - the line that tells you who wrote an article
It was the byline that gave away his identity

Demur - hesitate; refuse
We should never demur to seek an opportunity

Exacerbate - make worse
Heavy rains have only exacerbated the road conditions

Ignominious - shameful
Bilking is an ignominious thing to do

Liniment - soothing lotion
It was not until he applied a liniment did his toes stop itching

Omnipotent - all-powerful
Its not always that an omnipotent will win the election

Pragmatic - practical
The problem had many solutions but only Rajesh's solution was pragmatic

Ruse - trick; stratagem
The joker won many hearts by his clever ruses

Transgress - go astray; disobey; commit a sin
Many times when children are given freedom to take their own decisions they tend to transgress

Alleviate - make less severe
Its time to alleviate the effects of green house gases

Cacophony - make loud noises
The campers were terrified hearing cacophony

Denounce - condemn; speak out against
People always denounce the leader but never do a thing to improve the situation

Exasperated - frustrated; annoyed
The Indian team which was exasperated after the loss in the first test wore a completely different body language in the second test

Ignominy - shame

Lithe - flexible; supple
It was his lithe that helped him get through the interview

Omniscient - all-knowing
To become an omniscient one needs to do a lot of hard-work

Pragmatist - practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
In true sense Manmohan Singh is a pragmatist

Aloof - distant; detached; cold
It's difficult to stay aloof from relatives with advent of internet

Cajole - coax
The sales man sold around five of his products just by cajoling

Deplete - use up; lessen
The environment is depleting with every passing year

Exceptionable - very bad (something which we should object to )
The new laws that have been made by the department are exceptionable

Illuminate - to light up or make clear
The house was illuminated by scores of different lights

Livid - very angry
Suresh was quiet livid with Ramesh since he has returned from trip

Onerous - burdensome; hard to undertake
Kapil has completed the onerous job well in time

Preamble - introductory material
The preamble contained the gist of the book

Sacrosanct - very holy; inviolable
The idol he bought from Haridwar is sacrosanct for him.

Traverse - to move across
It became really hard to traverse a single step after traversing miles on foot

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