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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words 6th August

Advocate - support
Rita failed to advocate her ideas with proper statistics

Brusque - blunt; abrupt
Sameer's brusque remark annoyed Richa

Defoliate - cause leaves to fall off
Termite attack defoliated the Mango tree

Espouse - promote; take up; support
We need to espouse the campaign against the deadly AIDS

Hone - sharpen; increase; whet
Trisha honed her skills in C over the weekend to top the monthly exam

Lax - careless; not strict
Some rules were laxed citing low attendance in the NSS camps

Obviate - avoid; make unnecessary
We shouldn't obviate our family traditions under peer pressure

Poseur - someone who puts on an act
Ramesh is a good poseur

Riddled - full of (usually full of holes)
Its really difficult to drive on riddled Indian roads.

Torpid - inactive; lazy ; stagnant
Torpid members will be disqualified

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