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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Words Aug 30th

Ambivalence - lack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
There was ambivalence regarding who will get recruited in the dream company

Cantankerous - bad tempered; quarrelsome
The violence oriented video games are making the young generation cantankerous

Derogatory - uncomplimentary
The Indian team received a derogatory reception after it failed to qualify for the semi-finals

Exemplify - to serve as a good example
The Ajanta-Ellora caves exemplify the artistic excellence of our predecessors

Impecunious - having no money
When on a tour a credit card saves us from an impecunious situation

Lucid - clear
Dinesh intentions became lucid when he denied to work

Omate - highly decorated
The Bindra's house was omate on the home coming of the national hero Abhinav Bindra

Precipice - steep slope
The car was doing fine until it encountered a precipice

Salubrious - health-giving
A decent market awaits salubrious fast-food

Truant - shirker; someone absent without permission
India's growth rate would double but for truant employees in the govt. sector


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