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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Words 11th August

Alacrity - Eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
The new batch of students had a certain amount of alacrity.

Burgeon - grow; flourish; put forth new shoots
If due care is not taken of the kitchen garden weeds start burgeoning rapidly

Deleterious - harmful
It's certainly deleterious for us to be in a company of a person who is smoking

Euphemism - a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Dinesh was quick with euphemism as soon as he realized that his statement had not been received in right spirit

Hypocritical - insincere
Low grades are a result of being hypocritical in lectures

Lethargic - tired; without energy
Long span of summer vacations has made Vinod lethargic

Ogle - stare at; observe in an obvious manner
The students were asked to ogle the building carefully

Postulate - hypothesize; propose
There are many postulates in science

Robust - strong; healthy; tough
The structure to be developed had to be robust as it had to tolerate a load of more than 20,000 vehicles at a time

Tractable - obedient; dutiful; polite
Sundar is tractable boy

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