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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Todays words !!!

Gratui - free
Ambulatory - able to walk around
Capacious - spacious
Desecrate - to damage or pollute a holy place
Exhaustive - complete and thorough
Impious - wicked; profane
Ludicrous - ridiculous; silly
Orthodox - Conventional
Percipitous - done in a hurry
Salutary - something that teaches you a lesson; beneficial
Truncate - cut short

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Saturday, June 13, 2009


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Friday, June 12, 2009

silhouette - (noun) the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background.
 2. a represntation of someone or something showing the shape and outline only

 (verb) cast or show as a silhouette

adage - (noun) a proverb or short statement expressing a general truth

brawny - (adj) :- BRAWN - (n) physical strength as opposed to intelligence

 2. cooked meat from a pig's or calf's head,pressed with jelly.

archetypal - (n) a very typical example

  2. an original model

  3. a recurrent motif in literature or art

avant-garde - (adj) new and experimental
  (n) (the avant-garde) avant-garde ideas or artists

buttress - (n) a projecting support built against a wall.
  2. a projecting portion of a hill or mountain
  (v) support with buttresses. 2. support or strengthen 

scrupulous - (adj) diligent and thorough.
  2. very concerned to avoid doing wrong

gubernatorial - (adj) relating to a governor, particularly of a US state

myriad - (N) an indefinitely large number.
  (adj) innumerable.

factionalism - (n) a small dissenting group within a larger one.

tryst - (n) a private, romantic renedezvous between lovers.
 (v) keep or arrange a tryst.

smidgeon - (n) a tiny ammount (also smidgen or smidgin)

impregnable - (adj) unable to be captured or broken into.
  2. unable to be overcome

languid - (adj) disinclined to exert oneself physically.
  2. weak or faint from illness or fatigue.

panache - (n) flamboyant confidence of style or manner

vilification - (v) speak or write about in an abusively disparaging

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Words Aug 30th

Ambivalence - lack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
There was ambivalence regarding who will get recruited in the dream company

Cantankerous - bad tempered; quarrelsome
The violence oriented video games are making the young generation cantankerous

Derogatory - uncomplimentary
The Indian team received a derogatory reception after it failed to qualify for the semi-finals

Exemplify - to serve as a good example
The Ajanta-Ellora caves exemplify the artistic excellence of our predecessors

Impecunious - having no money
When on a tour a credit card saves us from an impecunious situation

Lucid - clear
Dinesh intentions became lucid when he denied to work

Omate - highly decorated
The Bindra's house was omate on the home coming of the national hero Abhinav Bindra

Precipice - steep slope
The car was doing fine until it encountered a precipice

Salubrious - health-giving
A decent market awaits salubrious fast-food

Truant - shirker; someone absent without permission
India's growth rate would double but for truant employees in the govt. sector

Friday, August 29, 2008

Words Aug 20-28

Ambiguous - unclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways

Candor - frankness; openness

Deride - ridicule;make fun of; mock

Exemplary - Outstandingly good; setting a fine example

Impartial - unbiased; neutral

Loquacious - talkative

Ordain - 1. destine; 2. confer holy orders on a priest

Precinct - district of a city

Sallow - yellowish

Trivial - unimportant

Ambiguity - uncertainty; vagueness

Candid - frank; honest

Deprecate - criticize; denounce

Exegesis - scholarly explanation or interpretation

Immutable - unchanging; permanent

Longevity - long life

Opulent - wealthy;rich;magnificent

Precept - guiding principle

Salacious - lecherous; erotic

Trite - unoriginal;dull

Amass - accumulate

Callow - immature

Depravity - moral corruption

Execrable - very, very bad

Immoderate - excessive; extreme

Lofty - snooty; arrogant; haughty

Opaque - does not let light through

Precedent - a previous occurrence used as a guide

Sage - a wise person

Trinket - something of little value; knick-knack

Altruism - putting others first; being self-sacrificing

Caldron - huge cooking pot

Deplore - regret

Exulpate - free someone from blame; pardon; acquit

Illusory - deceptive; false; misleading

Lobbyist - person who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause

Onus - burden

Precarious - unstable; risky

Sagacious - wise

Trepidation - fear

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Words 16th Aug - 19 Aug

Allay - to lessen
Keeping a servant allayed most of my mothers load

Byline - the line that tells you who wrote an article
It was the byline that gave away his identity

Demur - hesitate; refuse
We should never demur to seek an opportunity

Exacerbate - make worse
Heavy rains have only exacerbated the road conditions

Ignominious - shameful
Bilking is an ignominious thing to do

Liniment - soothing lotion
It was not until he applied a liniment did his toes stop itching

Omnipotent - all-powerful
Its not always that an omnipotent will win the election

Pragmatic - practical
The problem had many solutions but only Rajesh's solution was pragmatic

Ruse - trick; stratagem
The joker won many hearts by his clever ruses

Transgress - go astray; disobey; commit a sin
Many times when children are given freedom to take their own decisions they tend to transgress

Alleviate - make less severe
Its time to alleviate the effects of green house gases

Cacophony - make loud noises
The campers were terrified hearing cacophony

Denounce - condemn; speak out against
People always denounce the leader but never do a thing to improve the situation

Exasperated - frustrated; annoyed
The Indian team which was exasperated after the loss in the first test wore a completely different body language in the second test

Ignominy - shame

Lithe - flexible; supple
It was his lithe that helped him get through the interview

Omniscient - all-knowing
To become an omniscient one needs to do a lot of hard-work

Pragmatist - practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
In true sense Manmohan Singh is a pragmatist

Aloof - distant; detached; cold
It's difficult to stay aloof from relatives with advent of internet

Cajole - coax
The sales man sold around five of his products just by cajoling

Deplete - use up; lessen
The environment is depleting with every passing year

Exceptionable - very bad (something which we should object to )
The new laws that have been made by the department are exceptionable

Illuminate - to light up or make clear
The house was illuminated by scores of different lights

Livid - very angry
Suresh was quiet livid with Ramesh since he has returned from trip

Onerous - burdensome; hard to undertake
Kapil has completed the onerous job well in time

Preamble - introductory material
The preamble contained the gist of the book

Sacrosanct - very holy; inviolable
The idol he bought from Haridwar is sacrosanct for him.

Traverse - to move across
It became really hard to traverse a single step after traversing miles on foot

Friday, August 15, 2008

Words 15th August

Alibi - an excuse that shows someone as not at a crime scene

Buttress - strengthen; support

Delineation - demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining

Evacuate - vacate; empty; abandon

Idiosyncrasy - a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual

Libertarian - someone who opposes tyranny

Ominous - threatening

Potent - powerful; compelling; strong

Ruminate - think over something; ponder

Transcribe - copy