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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Request To those leaving contacts in Comments

Please post ur comments only once ...
Comments are sent to me for moderation hence they are not published instantly
I have done this to prevent ur personal info like ur username, city and name to be available freely

There have been more than 20 frnd requests that i hav sent and i think only those frndship requests were delayed those who didnt gave there info in the following fashion

This is my personal info of indyarocks account so it will be helpful to u people if u r trying to search me there

Username - perfect08
First name/last name - Tribhuvan Gupta
City - Chandigarh

Only this much info is required ....

So please post comments in this format only ...

incase u dont receive frndship request in 2 days post ur email - id here coz tht means that i too am not able to find u.... its neither ur fault nor mine it happens sometimes in indyarocks search

so be patient and follow the instructions....

1 comment:

mermaid said...

is it possible to send the words to mail id rather than to mobile if so can u please do that favour?