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Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's Word List

Abstemious - Self denying; refraining from indulging
When Dishant got into a police case his friend was abstemious in helping him out

Blithe - free-spirited; carefree
Atul is a blithe person

Crepuscular - active at dawn and dusk
The sensors required for the automation of street lights require to be crepuscular

Enunciation - clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
For enunciation Raju has joined a English speaking course

Headstrong - stubborn; willful
To complete difficult tasks one needs to be headstrong

Lackluster - dull; monotonous; bland
Last year's freshers' party was a lackluster

Objective - unbiased; not subjective
The judging panel needs to have an objective outlook

Pliable - flexible; not stubborn
The competition had pliable rules, hence received criticism

Rescind - retract; repeal
There was no need to rescind the new rule

Temper - to moderate; soften
Ball tempering is a serious offense

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