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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Missing Sentences...

Harangue - A haranguing speech given by the President changed the opinion of many board members.

Labyrinth - After Raghav left his parents, life has become a labyrinth for him.

Harbingers - Animals are an expert at reading the harbingers

Plaudit - It was a surprise for Sudha when her boss gave a plaudit for her in front of everyone

Abstain - Rajendra can't abstain his cap while travelling

Blighted - When Shantosh returned from America he found his house in a blighted state

Credulous - These days everyone takes advantage of a credulous person

Enshroud - The rain got so heavy that the pitch had to be enshroud with double covers

Haughtiness - Ravi lost his post because of his haughtiness

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