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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today's words

Accolade - tribute; honor; praise
The party was thrown to accolade the out-going Boss

Bolster - support; prop up
Rajeev enjoys full bolster of his friends

Cryptic - puzzling
The problem has a very cryptic solution

Ephemeral - short-lived
The effect of scolding is ephemeral on that naughty brat

Hedonist - a pleasure seeker
Rupinder is a hedonist

Lamentation - expression of regret or sorrow
One shouldn't lament having lost an opportunity instead start looking for another one

Obliterate - destroy; demolish; eradicate
The attempts made to obliterate our culture have proved to be futile

Plummet - fall suddenly and steeply
Plummet was the cause of his death

Resolution - determination
New year resolutions are seldom completed

Tentative - not certain
Yuganshu was tentative while answering his interview questions

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