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Monday, July 28, 2008

Acquiesce - to agree; give in to
Ramesh finally acquiesced with the decision to go for picnic

Bombast - arrogant, pompous language
By using bombast we show our own shortcomings

Curtail - cut short
The program was curtailed due to heavy rain

Epicure - someone who appreciates good food and drink
Everyone likes to call an epicure to a party

Heed - listen to
Sita didn't pay heed to Laxman's advice and hence sufered

Lampoon - ridicule; spoof
Meet the Spartians is a lampoon of 300

Oblivious - totally unaware
Shena was oblivious about the wrong doings of his brother

Podium - raised platform
As there was no podium in the school, plays etc had to be performed as a street plays

Resonant - echoing
The encouraging words from the principal are still resonant in my ears

Tenuous - flimsy; not solid
We were given a tenuous thing to drink after lunch

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